Spirits in need

In this modern world, we have been conditioned to manipulate the worldly matters.

We normally live without attending to our spirits, i.e. intelligent formless energy.

I'm here hoping to serve you by ✧ nourishing your spirits and ✧ connecting you to your innate divinity. 

Via SIN, I hope to serve you by providing ◐ portals and ◑ guidance on how to rejuvenate yourself and worship life at large.


I believe that ━━ self-love ━━ keeps our infinite spirit flowing. And self-love is the fundamental birth rights for every single one of us - with no judgements or conditions. 

Spiritual practise is to get rid of all the conditioning, to live equally as living beings with light and love. 

Through spiritual practise, love is living through us. 

How we serve ourselves, families, friends and the community is reflected on how brave and free our spirits are. 

We need rituals to connect ourselves to the natural energy (aromatherapy, yoga, sound frequencies, and other lineages) to honour our miraculous beings. 


SIN offers crystal grids creation, Akashic record reading, tarot reading, personalised aromatherapy sessions for your understanding, embracing and loving yourselves. 


I'm with you in this journey. 

How I serve

Crystal Grids

Crystal grids connect crystals on a natural Aspen wood log with natural manifestations to create a multi-dimensional energetic net that actualizes wills and anchors energies.



Delving into the past, present and future etherically, to learn about your purpose, soul gifts and messages from your higher self. 

Card reading




Egyptian Tarot

Oracle Cards

Angel Cards




Sound bath


Naturopath nutrition

Crystal Grids