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Akashic Records

All our lives events in this physical plane of existence (known as the etheric plane) occurred in the past, present and future are all recorded in the Akashic records. Readers, such as myself, would access the records which exit in the higher realm of Consciousness in Akasha above the astral plane (realm of dreams, spirits, and psychic phenomena).

By accessing Akashic records, you would learn more about your soul purpose and its journey through this lifetime and the infinite. The AR are constantly being created, updated, and added to. Nothing in this life is set in stone, but rather the AR hold information about your spiritual lessons and evolution in this lifetimes and past lives. 

Connect to our Higher Self (i.e. cosmic consciousness) for support, guidance, and most important of all, love - the ultimate reason for our sheer existence as human light beings. 

Feel free to contact me for a free 15 minutes brief session - to see if there is a need.

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