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Healing Session

Healing is different from curing. 

"Curing is remedial and involves fixing whatever outer problem arises, such as treating a snakebite or using chemotherapy to control a tumour. It does not help you avoid the snakes in the woods or the disease that caused the tumour.

Healing is broader, more global, and complete. It transforms one's life, and often, though not always, produces a physical cure. While healing, we measure success by increased well-being, by a sense of newfound peace, empowerment, and a feeling of communion with life." - Alberto Villoldo

Orthodox healthcare services offered today (i.e.curing) is disease-focused and ignores our spiritual needs for our well-being as a human being. 

We are life forms that metaphorically lives like a tree, taking in the nutrients from our mother earth to grow. We, however, now only tend to take care of our physical symptoms instead of our spiritual needs as a human being. When our spirits are in need - manifestations of emotional imbalance (e.g. anger, fears) will appear which causes us suffering that no material can remedy. 

It is when healing comes into play - when you can find balance, expansion and love. 

Feel free to contact me for a free 15 minutes brief session - to see if there is a need.

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