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A pause is to a reset, recharge, and restart

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

It is okay to say NO if you do not feel like it.

Saying NO does not mean you are giving up on it/ yourself entirely, but it could be a pause to reset, recharge and restart, for the future you to come back to.

Hong Kong has been weathering a lot.

The energy of the city has never been the same. Sticking to normal routine, even hitting gym or going to yoga classes becomes more difficult, because the air of the whole is intensely filled with uncertainties and even fears.

And I chose not to utilise my gym & yoga membership for 4 whole months despite the paid contract.

Unconsciously, I had that sense of guilt of wasting the membership all along. Did I use the social unrest as an excuse for my lethargy? After I cancelled my one-month December yoga retreat in Bangalore, I felt even worst because I thought - I had failed my body without exercising it enough. Yes, I had blamed myself for not living a 'healthy-physically-active' lifestyle, because I am a yoga teacher and I have signed up for a commitment (gym & yoga membership).

When commitment becomes obligations, we become prisoners of our own.

I resumed my practise at the studio in mid-December when I felt it was the right time.

On that day, I surprised myself with my improved awareness, body agility and strength after taking the break. Muscle memories are awakened and inspired by every single move in the flow. Chuttarunga brings more sensations and requires more attention - that I could bring myself more joy than doing a one-month yoga retreat doing it daily. A pause is necessary when the context is not right - when making yourself on the mat in the studio could bring you more stress rather than relief.

I eventually thank myself for that 4-month pause - because I took the time to rest, reset, recharge and restart for better practise and experience.

Experience is not about repetition (quantity) or attaining perfection, but the state of alignment of your body, mind and spirit.

Taking a pause could be creating more space for experience and life. Listen to your body and heart. The thinking mind calculates which from time to time may not serve our best interest (of course beyond the monetary one).

1 point for myself and 0 for my thinking mind.

Self-love is unconditional.

Love myself no matter what I do more/ less.

◐ Serve yourself by learning to say no and resume for better. ◑

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