• Maggie Lee

Bikram - guru or megalomaniac?

This new Netflix documentary, Bikram- Yogi-Guru-Predator, captures the melodramatic rundown of Bikram yoga (the 26+2 poses in a hot room).

Students could easily fall for the charisma of the teachers. It happens, to me and you as well. When we seek knowledge, the way we look up to our teachers often makes us the best prey in the case of megalomaniac.

"I was hooked." says an interviewee, an ex-Bikram practitioner. The sense of liberation, brought by that particular sequence of yoga postures in an extremely hot room, along with the harsh commentary by a self-acclaimed national yoga champion, makes us so dependent that one could think to himself that he could only be saved by blind faith by pushing themselves 110% beyond their physical limits and moral boundaries. That fine balance between love and hate, is where we can outgrow ourselves, by listening to our intuition - what is real good for us and whether we are serving ourselves and others right.

Liberation is freedom. This is a constant struggle. To know how to free ourselves and what to free ourselves from. Anything, can be infringing on our freedom, if we allow our being to be dependent on it.

A guru is real when he/ she sees you in him/ herself, while that part of him/ herself could be his worst enemy, he/ she regardlessly loves you unconditionally, equally and shamelessly. He or she would ask no more of you than him/ herself. Nor would he/ she ask for more than he/she needs. No guru can give you all the solutions. Liberation is achieved by you - you alone.

Spiritual journey - the path to peace, love and enlightenment in view of our lonely and short existence - is the reason why we are here in the first place.

And you own this all to yourself - to ask questions and answer them by yourself.

All the saints and angels can light up the way, but you gotta walk your steps.

Angels can become evils when you are vulnerable and dependent because you consume yourself more than what you take. It is your doing if you depend too much on anyone or anything.

Count it back on yourself.

Own your rights to be your own guru. ☆

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