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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

"Future medicine will be the medicine of frequency" - Albert Einstein

I have always believe we are waves of frequency, in the form of human.

Every thought, every sensation, and everything about us interact with the universe: far-reaching to the stars at the edge of the galaxy or introspectively with the DNA strands that build us up.

How to vibrate and how to live - it is always a choice.

Next, I will be (29+1)-year-old, leaving me 18,250 days on earth if I can live up to 80 years old.

I used to live by fears - as a Hong Kong girl who had been conditioned to 'thrive' in the modern world at the expense of my own happiness and self-love.

In my spiritual journey, I gradually understand happiness is from within, by letting go, by staying in the moment, by embracing changes, and all in the name of love for life. ღ

I may have no control over how I many children I will have, but today, it is my choice to start this venture, establishing SIN to serve the needs of our spirits. ★

Crystal grids is by far the most beautiful and wonderful tool I have stumbled across. It helps to dial down the noise and and strengthen our intention. By setting our intention on the grid, we empower and activate the crystals and kindle the grid while we call for the help of our mother nature to vibrate for us. All the elements

» Aspen wood,

» crystals,

» sacred geometry,

» flowers,

» essential oils, and

» most importantly our energy, intention, and wills

to realise what we hope for ourselves and the world - be it a magnificent creation , an inspiration for ourselves or others, or some healing for the spirits.

We can make our own medicine with full independence.

With trust and love, start from your own, start from here.

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