• Maggie Lee

She cries whenever I speak to her

She is special.

She feels intensively.

She knows she is here for something she needs.

She was in my recent Crystal Grid Workshop. Her air is obvious - she goes after what she wants - which makes her beauty and youth more explicit. She lets out of her thoughts gently and humbly in anticipation for your response.

I liker her a lot for her strength and also, the obvious heart wounds.

Whenever I speak to her what the Universe wants to reveal to her with Oracle cards, her tears drop unwillingly while she sheds it with a sense of embarrassment and impatience.

"It is the message I have always got from card reading," she says in delight while she reduces to tears. She is trying her best to draw strength to keep her composure, not bailing out of anything. I admire her a lot and I know we could be friends.

She, also comes with a lesson for me, that she did not pay for the workshop.

At first, I was confused.

  1. Did I not deliver less than satisfying experience for everyone? But I should not doubt myself, because all the Oracle cards did a great job delivering the messages of the Universe - the alignment of the energy was so marvellous that it leaves no room for my stupid self-doubt.

  2. Does she not appreciate of the crystal grid? I have no doubts that she loves it because the smile she wears when she leaves the door is so charming that I couldn't help smiling back.

A few days later, messages from her reached me on IG. She was expressing her gratitude and sharing her life (a years-long relationship just ended and how she has managed to pick up some hobbies to cultivate self-love for herself). I re-read the messages again and again and laughed at myself on how silly I was doubting (1) the experience I had created for her (2) the connection I feel so strong with her. Yes, she literally tells me she likes me a lot and want to hang out as friends.

I cannot care less about the fact that she did not pay.

She has indeed exchanged the best blessings with me - trust, connection, friendship and her sense of relief and peace. This is true form of energy exchange.

I know she might have shed one teardrop less because of the me or the crystal grid.

I know her heart could be skipping a beat whenever she is by the crystal grid.

I know she has received the message from the Universe through me.

I know a window has been open for her and me.

Good karma comes back in all forms.

Love you and me.

Thank you.

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