• ・゚✧  Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid ✧・゚


    ⫸ Flower of life & Chakra Stones ⫷

    The grid itself fires up the energy of all the chakra stones when the sacred geometry Flower of Life resembles the cycle of creation. Natural Aspen wood of 10-inch takes more than 30 years to grow which today channels lifeforce for your chakra meditation and other spiritual rituals.


    ⫸ Natural Aspen wood log ⫷

    •  The grid is directly sourced from Yunnan minority communities (雲南少數民族), designed by us and manufactured by minorities people. We hope to empower the people by giving them a source of income and appreciating their crafts. 


    •  Every single grid is polished and preserved by the hands of my team or myself with natural wood wax, hope it will shine as long as forever.


    ⫸ Crystals ⫷

    •  All crystals are hand-picked and verified with great care.

    •  SIN goes to great lengths to ensure the intentions of the crystal supply chain is as genuine and as kind as they could be.


    Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid - 10 inches

    • White quartz




      Tiger's eye

      Red Jasper

      Rainbow obsidian

    • Free pick up at HKU MTR Station.

      We welcome any other form of delivery upon request. ღ

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