• ・゚✧  Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid ✧・゚


    ⫸ Seed of life & Chakra Stones ⫷

    The grid itself fires up the energy of all the chakra stones when the sacred geometry Seed of life resembles represents the cycle of lifes - all potential starts and all possible possibilities - that it helps us live out our passions on our Mother Earth. The Chakra Stones are lined up and set to aid the energy flow of spiritual practices and meditations. 


    ⫸ Royal Paulownia ⫷

    Natural wood from Royal Paulownia (aka Empress/ Princess Tree) symbolising good fortune. In Japanese culture, if someone gave birth to a girl at home, they would plant a Paulownia tree in front of their house. When the daughter is about to get married, the family would use the wood of this paulownia tree to create a set of furniture for  the daughter as a dowry - sending blessings and love. 


    Small fact: The Royal Paulownia helps fighting climate change because it absorbs up to 10x more than other trees. 


    ⫸ Crystals ⫷

    •  All crystals are hand-picked and verified with great care.

    •  SIN goes to great lengths to ensure the intentions of the crystal supply chain is as genuine and as kind as they could be.


    Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid - 8 inches

    • Clear Quartz    3 cm in diameter    

      Amethyst 2 cm

      Lapis Lazuli    2 cm    

      Rose Quartz    2 cm    

      Citrine    2 cm    

      Red Jasper    2 cm    

      Obsidian    2 cm    


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      We welcome any other form of delivery upon request. ღ

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