• This comes with

    ✧ 1 4096cps Crystal Tuner

    ✧ 1 mallet

    ✧ 1 handcrafted crystal 1-point column of excellent quality

    ✧ 1 velvet pouch bag


    This Tuner is custom-ordered by S I N with a long-standing medical equipment manufacturer to ensure its best quality, matching the best possible standard in medical use.


    Crystal Tuner vibrates according to the Earth frequency and assist the crystals to conduct light.


    It is one of the best tools of sound healing I have ever found, apart from gongs and singing bowls, when Tuners come with a stable frequency and are easy to carry. 


    ⫸ How to use this Crystal Tuner ⫷

    To expand the healing energy of your crystals by gently tapping the Tuner on the facet (with the column point facing outward).

    To cleanse and activate crystals by surrounding the crystals with the Tuner's frequency

    To dispel negativities in the space

    To recharge food, water, plants, and yourself

    To call forth creativity energy, Angel's guidance, and connection with the Divine





    Crystal Tuner ✧ 4096 cps ✧ Earth

    • - Clear quartz

      - Amethyst

      - Citrine

      - Rose quartz

      - Lapis lazuli

    • Free pick up at HKU MTR Station.

      We welcome any other form of delivery upon request. ღ

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