• ・゚✧  Om Mani Padme Hum Crystal Grid 唵嘛呢叭咪吽水晶念盤✧・゚





    ⫸ Om Mani Padme Hum, Tiger's eye and Black tourmaline ⫷

    This grid means to connect you to the heart of buddhism. Om mani padme hum is chanted  to invoke the loving and unconditional qualities of compassion. This mantra is all over the flying prayer flags in Tibet and is printed in ancient sanskrit on this grid  to magnify the beautiful frequency and intention. 


    Tiger's eye works perfectly with this sacred mantra because tiger eyes balances yin-yang, promotes mental clarity, uncloud emotions and helps us recognise one's own needs in relation to the needs of others. This stone of protection together with a block of Black Tournmaline (140.8g), can nurture your soul and preserve your energy for spiritual practise. 


    The center of the grid is designed to put bracelets and bangels for recharge as well. 


    ღ “Praise to the jewel in the lotus.”


    ⫸ Natural Aspen wood log ⫷

    •  The grid is directly sourced from Yunnan minority communities (雲南少數民族), designed by us and manufactured by minorities people. We hope to empower the people by giving them a source of income and appreciating their crafts. 


    •  Every single grid is polished and preserved by the hands of my team or myself with natural wood wax, hope it will shine as long as forever.


    ⫸ Crystals ⫷

    •  All crystals are hand-picked and verified with great care.

    •  SIN goes to great lengths to ensure the intentions of the crystal supply chain is as genuine and as kind as they could be.

    Om Mani Padme Hum Crystal Grid - 7 inches

    • Tiger's eye

      Black tourmaline

    • Free pick up at HKU MTR Station.

      We welcome any other form of delivery upon request. ღ

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