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Chakra Tuning Fork Weighted Set of 7

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Weight with box: 1380g (dimensions: 35.4cm*26.4cm*5cm)

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Product background:
The Tuners are custom ordered by SIN from a long-standing medical equipment manufacturer to ensure its best quality, matching the best possible standard in medical use.

Chakra Tuning Fork Weighted Set of 7 Specification:
✩ 20.5cm*2.5cm*0.9cm (length* width*height)  
     Weight 91g, 194.18 Hz
✩ 20cm*2.5cm*0.9cm (length* width*height)  
     Weight 75g, 210.42 Hz
✩ 23cm*2.5cm*0.9cm (length* width*height)  
     Weight 99g, 126.22 Hz
✩ 22cm*2.5cm*0.9cm (length* width*height)  
     Weight 99g, 136.10 Hz
✩ 22cm*2.5cm*0.9cm (length* width*height)  
     Weight 100g, 141.27 Hz
✩ 19.5cm*2.5cm*0.9cm (length* width*height)  
     Weight 75g, 221.23 Hz
✩ 20cm*2.5cm*0.9cm (length* width*height)  
     Weight 79g, 172.06 Hz
✩ net weight: 610g
✩ weight with box: 1380g (dimensions: 35.4cm*26.4cm*5cm)
✩ medical grade stainless steel
✩ each set comes with a wooden storage box  
✩ also comes with a 18.5cm rubber tipped stick activator

The chakra set consists of 7 Tuning forks. The Chakra Set is based on the planetary tuning, developed by Hans Cousto.

These 7 Tuning forks are based on:
1st Root/Muladhara (also Earth Day) 194.18 Hz
2nd Sacral/Svadhisthana (also Synodic Moon) 210.42 Hz
3rd Solar Plexus/Manipura (also Sun) 126.22 Hz
4th Heart/Anahata(also Earth Year)(also OM Fork) 136.10 Hz
5th Throat/Vishuddha (also Mercury) 141.27 Hz
6th Third Eye/Ajna (also Venus) 221.23 Hz
7th Crown/Sahasrara(also Platonic Year) 172.06 Hz

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