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Maggie Lee

Founder of SIN

Founder of Carers of Hong Kong (NGO)

Researcher in public health and law

PhD in Public Health (CUHK)

Juris Doctor (CUHK)

Master of Public Health (Imperial College London)

Aromatherapist (IFPA,NAHA), Naturopath Nutrition Advisor (UK)

Experienced Registered yoga teacher 500 (USA)

My life journey is filled with surprises and quite unexpected from what I anticipated at the age of 12. Steering away from finance, consulting or accounting which I am always good at, and starting an NGO hopefully to advocate for the rights of working caregivers and research related issues in law and policy. ღ


What drove me from the ordinary high-flyer stereotype to now devoting myself to academic for society's sake and here doing energy work? I'm literally forced to be down this road. Ever since I have started my spiritual journey a decade ago with yoga in Melbourne, I learn to first ☆ love myself unconditionally; second to ☆ serve my spirits and treat myself as a temple; third to ☆ live my truth and share my love and energy with my loved ones and now with the world. And the high-flyer does not fit into neither my worldly being or human being. ღ


Despite the different paths, I'm just the same as anyone of you. I experienced anxiety when I sat for exams and interviews. I beat myself up before the world did. I could doubt and harshly blame myself for changing 5 careers in 7 years, from accounting, banking, law, corporate wellness to HR, not believing in my choices or myself because I could turn my back in a snap to any careers I had ever fought so hard. I, however, know that deep down in my heart that I'm here to offer the world something more special, just different from everyone else, without shame or blame. ღ 

My spiritual training has been all over the globe in a wide range of disciplines, from yoga (scroll down for the details), aromatherapy, sound healing, naturopath nutrition, crystal energy work, Akashic records and shamanic rituals. All teachings and teachers help me to grow bigger and wiser as a human being. In all humbleness, I know I'm a very fortunate being bestowed with so much blessings and able to share love and energy with the world. ღ

I tribute all my work to my parents who have always allow me the freedom to explore and love myself and the world. I am in academia to research on caregiver-friendly workplace policy because I was once working while I was caring for my late father who had dementia with Lewy Bodies. It is my wish to protect working caregivers in Hong Kong and brace ourselves for the ageing future by enabling the working population to balance both roles and make meanings out of them. ღ

I'm swimming between the spiritual and material worlds, so do you. It could be challenging, but that's how we advance and flourish. And I hope my energy work serves you by nourishing your spirits. I myself alone wouldn't be enough to make the world a better place, but I hope by being with you on the journey of empowerment, we, together create wonders on this planet earth. ღ


2018 - Geneva United Nations and World Health Organisation (UN & WHO) Headquarters visit


2014 - Santorini - Vinyasa TT 200hrs (US)


2015 - Rishikesh - Ashtanga TT 300hrs

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2015-2017 - Worked as a Wellness Specialist at a 5000 people in Greater China - Charity engagement and yoga classes


2015-2017 - Worked as a Wellness Specialist at a 5000 people in Greater China - Aromatherapy workshops


2016 - Sweden - Gong Yoga TT (US)


2016 - Bangkok - Kids Yoga TT (Australia)


2016 - Beijing - Natal yoga TT (US)


2016 - Kyoto - Yin yoga TT (France)

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